What to Do When Car Engine Overheats

When car engine overheats, there are quite a few different things that might go wrong. The temperature has increased for some reason, like the lowering of the coolant level. You should not panic, even if this happens to you. In fact, this is one of the most frequent issues a driver has to deal with in his life. It is really important that you know how to act. Otherwise, you might risk damaging the vehicle even more severely.

How to Act When Car Engine Overheats

car engine overheats

So the light comes on and what happens next? Well, you need to do the following:

1) First of all, you need to stop the vehicle.
2) Then, you ought to disable the air conditioning system (if it is enabled, of course).
3) Allow the engine to rest for a few minutes.
4) Make sure that the cooling fan works properly.

If the fan does not function right, here are the steps you need to follow next:

1) Switch off the engine.
2) Let the engine cool down.
3) When there are no more vapors, carefully open the car bonnet.
5) Contact the car dealership as soon as possible.

Finally, one more option for you when car engine overheats is to check if the coolant level is low. In this case, you should check for leaks from the refrigerator, the radiator hoses, as welll as its connections, the radiator hoses and the water pump. If the leakage of coolant continues to occur, you should immediately contact a car service provider.

If you do not panic and if you manage to keep calm in such an emergency, you will realize that things immediately get better. So there really is no reason to despair or think that your vehicle will never start working again. Just follow the right guidelines and turn to the pros for an experienced eye that will make the most of your car at all times!