Four Signs You Need a Brake Repair From an Auto Mechanic

Every driver and car owner understands that the brakes are crucial when it comes to his or her safety. Let’s just say there isn’t any other component or system in a vehicle that is of greater consequence to the driver’s safety that the brakes. You need your brakes to work perfectly at all times. You never know when you’ll be faced with an emergency and you’ll be required to either stop the vehicle or slow down. Recognizing potential vehicle problems before it’s too late is the key to auto maintenance.

Car owners in Ipswich Qld should be able to identify problems and symptoms of brake failure so they can avoid traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns, and even costly brake repairs. How will you know when your brakes need repair or replacing? There are two things you should always do-look and listen. Whether you know how your brakes operate and the physics behind or you have no idea on how they work, there four signs indicate that your vehicle needs brake repair.

Squeaky Brakes

For anyone who has been driving for years now, this might seem like a relatively common sign. However, note that this is something you need to take seriously. Squeaky brakes are an indication that the metal piece attached to the brake pad is in contact with and rubbing up against the rotor. Take the vehicle to your auto mechanic as soon as you notice this problem.

Vibration while Braking

Does it feel like your car is shaking or vibrating whenever you step on the brakes? If yes, you could be dealing with worn brakes or warped rotors. Warped rotors make it difficult for your car to stop when you brake. It can also result in brake failure. It’s, therefore, important that you have your vehicle checked and repaired if you feel it vibrating when you brake.


Grinding often occurs as a result of brake pad disintegration. When it comes to this, things are likely to have become more serious. By the time you start hearing a grinding noise, your brakes are completely worn down, and the brake pads are disintegrated. The brake calipers and metal disc are now rubbing against each other hence the noise. At this point, your vehicle has no or very little stopping power. Ignoring this problem could result in more damage and expensive repairs which is you need to take your car to your auto mechanic for repairs.


When your brakes wear unevenly, your vehicle will start showing signs of pulling to one side when you place your foot on the brakes. Note that pulling could also be an indication that there’s debris in your brake fluid. Whichever the case, you should take your vehicle to your auto mechanic for servicing, repairs, and replacement.

Take your car to an auto repair shop as soon as you recognize any of the above signs. Your safety on the road is important which is why you should always have your auto mechanic inspect your brakes on a regular basis.